Hey curvies!!!!   I think you all know by now that I am not a jean girl. I’m the girl that will opt for a super cute dress or skirt, always. Jeans are more of a struggle for me instead of a place of comfort. Having thick thighs and a big butt adds to jean struggle. I think my jean struggle is finally gone!!!!! I found these super stretchy not really jegging like skinny jeans.… View Post

Hey curvies!!! I am so excited to bring you all a new four part series “Summer Style Favs.” With having surgery before Summer my energy was very low for the most part. I finally feel like myself and first up in this series is lace!!! Lace has always been a stylish texture of clothing. Most women can not live without an item of lace. I honestly did not become a fan a huge fan of lace… View Post

  Hey curvies!!! That moment when you feel like Summer is just beginning! I have not smiled as much as I did this past weekend in FOREVER!!! This shy Memphis girl traveled to the TCFStyleExpo in Atlanta, Georgia.   Mom and Sister Now if you are super shy this might make you cringe! I went to this event with my mom and sister, but did not wear my glasses Friday night! I basically missed so much and really… View Post

Family is everything to me. I enjoy being around my family. When we are together I laugh until I can barely breath.  Time is important. I learned to value my time and only give it to those that are worthy. Sleep is important. Recently I have been trying my best to get 8 hours of sleep because anything less has me cranky. My facial expressions speak louder than words. I should never play poker. Ever! … View Post

Hey curvies!!! If you follow my fitness page on Instagram you may have noticed my name change and a date. My second Instagram account is now Curvybee_RNY_ (here). Since January of this year I have been on this Weight Loss Surgery (wls) journey with the support from Nurse Practitioner, surgeon, my family, boyfriend, and friends I am proud to say I had my surgery May 12, 2017.  Once I made my choice on which surgery… View Post