Hey Curvies!!! I am so excited to be bringing you all a brand new series “Back to Black,” this seris is all about styling black items you may or may not already have in your closet. And guess what?! I am bringing some of my favorite bloggers along with me Tia of The Millennial Wives Club, Briana of Confessions of a Beauty and Style Blog, and Angie of Steele Divine. This outfit is totally inspired by… View Post

Hey Curvies!!!! My final look for this NYE series  is a Denim Chic look! Hopefully these posts have helped you beautiful ladies find the exact style you were looking for during your New Year’s Eve festivities. Can I just say this was my actual New Year’s Eve outfit! But I did not leave the house, so I wore it on New Year’s Day. I love a bodycon, I love wearing leggings, and I love my… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! 2017 was one of the best years of my life and for my blog. I feel like I am walking more and more in my purpose. It’s amazing that in January I set so many goals for myself and unlike any other year I did not give up, I did not shy away, I did stop. I kept moving forward even when I really did not see a reward at the end. I… View Post

‎ Hey Curvies!!! This post is long over due! I remember constantly researching things I would need after weight loss surgery and coming up blank most times. I kinda winged it and also took a few of what others suggested and created a good list. Bring a comfy gown. I ordered a custom hospital gown from Silkandmore (here). I ordered the gown because I did not want to be confined to a hospital gown with my… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! We have a guest post from Memphis Party Bus! Read below… Getting the girls together for a night out can be challenging. There are varying work schedules and other commitments that life brings! Even in our busy world, there should always be time set aside for your closest friends. Memphis is a great place for this type of get together. Not only is there a great night life scene, but there are also… View Post