Hey curvies!!!! I am here to bring you all a new series “Falling Into Bodycons.” This series is a must, because at the moment bodycons are super easy to dress up and down. Also, my bodycon post get a lot of love here. First up is my Fall favorite olive. Olive has become my Fall go to color. Pantone stated Golden Olive was “a staunch yet stately green Golden Olive provides sturdiness.”I featured olive here and… View Post

Hey curvies!!! I am her for an update with a lot of excitement! I am 4 months post-up!!!! My life has definitely changed since May 12, 2017. I am no longer on blood pressure medicine and my blood pressure is awesome! I could say that this was the easiest decision I have ever made, but honestly it was not. During the time when I was unsure I began reaching out to people to get real… View Post

Hey curvies!!! This is a special post, because I celebrated my 10 year class reunion last weekend!!!! I honestly cannot believe its been 10 years since I graduated high school, I literally remember prom dress shopping (that’s another post), applying to colleges, and walking across stage (I just knew I was going to trip). This reunion meant a lot to me, because although I still stay in the same city as some of my classmates… View Post

Hey curvies!!! I am so excited to bring you all the fourth and final installment of my four part series “Summer Style Favs.” With having surgery before Summer my energy was very low for the most part. I finally feel like myself. Next up is athleisure. Athleisure is defined as “clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social… View Post

Hey curvies!!!! So excited to bring you all another Fashion Friday post. I get to bring you all a cute tan dress.  Being a lover of all things bodycon, except extremely light colored bodycons. For the longest I have stayed away for from light colored bodycons, because I felt like I would see every bump and lump. Or the material was just too thin for my liking. Well, my love for light colored bodycons is becoming… View Post