Hey Curvies!!! It is “Fashion Friday” mixed with a little “Mommy Monday” fashion. As a fashion blogger maternity fashion really excites me. I think actually having to style not just myself but my growing baby bump is fascinating. I never really paid attention to plus size maternity wear or the lack there of before being pregnant. I feel as though the struggle of being fashionable, cute, and comfortable are constantly at odds. Luckily, I became… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! New month means what? New series!!! This month is all orange and I am bringing you all the “Orange Dream” series. I am so excited about this series because I did not realize I was not an orange girl until I looked and did not own any orange. With that being said all of my items in this series are new and should be available for purchase. First up is an orange midi… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! New month means new series but first I have to post the last installment of my July series. July was my birthday month and I was super excited to bring you all my “Black and White” series. I tend to do a black and white series when I have been overloaded with color. Stay tuned! This white dress outfit was so me! When I first saw this white dress my plan was to… View Post

Hey Curvies!!! It is a GENDER REVEAL!!! I am literally on cloud nine and still filled with happy tears. The love I have for my unborn child is new and different. I am extremely intrigued and excited all balled up into one. Before I reveal the gender can we talk about decor? My nickname has been a version of “Bee” since I was a child. So a Bee theme was neccessary. I ran to etsy,… View Post

*This post was in collaboration with Macy’s Tommy Hilfiger plus size collection, all opinions are my own. Hey Curvies!!! When it comes to the fouth of July I usually wear a nice sundress and avoid the typical colors. This fourth of July I went with the classic “red, white, and blue” themed outfit. I felt in the mix, not over dressed, and relaxed casually outside while the kids ran around the yard. Casual was definitely the… View Post