Hi everyone! After getting over my fear of wearing jumpsuits I couldn’t help but to buy one. I actually considered wear a comfy maxi dress to the concert, but a jumpsuit was the best option. I wanted my legs to be separated and covered.  The jumpsuit features a crossover neckline and an elastic waist. The fact that it wasn’t too tight in the waist area made me love it! Outfit Details Necklace:  Forever 21 Jumpsuit:  Fashion… View Post

Hi everyone!This is the second installment of the “Pretty in Pink” July series.Today is officially my 25th Birthday! I have actually been looking forward to 25 and I’m ready to tackle anything life throws my way. My boyfriend and I are traveling to Houston today and I am overjoyed, because tomorrow we will be attending the On The Run Tour!!!!We share the responsibility of driving and I wanted to be very comfortable. I decided to… View Post

Hello everyone!This is the fourth installment of the “Full Skirts & Maxi Skirt” series for June. I decided to pair different textures to create this look. I recently found a denim jacket that I can’t stop wearing. Then I found a white crop top with neon greens and pinks that create a beautiful picture of an elephant that went great with my light blue full skirt. Finishing off the look is a pair of gold sandals. Outfit… View Post

Hi everyone!This is the first installment for July’s theme “Pretty in Pink.” This is the look I went I wore on a date to celebrate my boyfriend and I second anniversary. I must say not only did I feel comfortable about the look I also felt sexy. I wanted to add texture to the look so I added a leather vest that I scored for only $7.99. To top the look of I wore my hot pink… View Post

Hi everyone!This is the third installment to my June theme “Full Skirts and Maxi Skirts.” I actually had this top in my closet sale, but after posting it the perfect outfit came to mind. I decided to dress my maxi skirt with heels and a simple silver necklace. This maxi skirt is also 48 inches long! I love this maxi skirt just as much as the first one. The fabric flows and the elastic waistband compliments my waist well.… View Post