Hey everyone!!!This is the first installment of the May/June series “Color Me Bee.”  Have you ever wanted something and had to give up on having it? Basically that’s what happened to me with the Lilly Pulitzer x Target Collection. By the time I realized everything was online it was sold out and by the time I made it to Target everything was gone. And lets just say I wasn’t paying 4 times the amount on… View Post

Hi everyone!!!Here is the fourth look of The #CurvyStyleTour, this week I am focusing on Pop Up Plus. Be sure to check out Elle’s fourth look at The Curvy Style Project.I was driven to their site after seeing their Miami State of Mind Spring Collection. I knew I had to get my hands on the floral print bodycon with a hint of blue! The dress fits wonderfully and screams Spring! The pipping down the front flatters… View Post

Hi everyone!!! Here is the third look of the #CurvyStyleTour and we are focusing on Eloquii! Be sure to check out Elle of  The Curvy Style Project third look. It’s no secret I have a love affair with Eloquii. Their clothes feature feminine silhouettes and always add a ladylike flair to any look. I actually fell in love with the entire look that was modeled by the model, but stepping outside of my style box I decided to pair the… View Post

Hi everyone!I am excited to announce that I have teamed up with 11 other bloggers to bring you the plus size addition of the OPI Hawaii Color Challenge. How exciting right?My color was Golden Red. I chose golden red mainly because I really don’t own a lot of red and wanted to step out of my color comfort zone. Red has been my favorite color since I was in high school but for some reason… View Post

Hi everyone!!!Here is the second look of The #CurvyStyleTour focusing on Fashion to Figure. Be sure to check out Elle of The Curvy Style Project second look. This week we created looks solely from Fashion to Figure. I love a floral dress in the Spring. I really like the feminine silhouette that is created with this dress. With this look I wanted to add stripes to look to play with print mixing a little more. With print mixing I… View Post