• What To Pack For Weight Loss Surgery?

    ‎ Hey Curvies!!!

    This post is long over due! I remember constantly researching things I would need after weight loss surgery and coming up blank most times. I kinda winged it and also took a few of what others suggested and created a good list.

    • Bring a comfy gown. I ordered a custom hospital gown from Silkandmore (here). I ordered the gown because I did not want to be confined to a hospital gown with my butt out. I also wanted to feel fabulous walking down the hospital halls. It may sound vain, but I felt good.

    • Bring Gas-x strips. These strips were vital for me after sugery. After surgery you are filled with gas and these strips are easier to take more so than a pill. They literally dissolve on your tongue. I got the mint kind so it helped with that “nothing” taste in your mouth.

    • Bring a U shaped pillow. I ordered my pillow from Amazon (here) and it helped so much! I usually fall asleep on my right side and my drain was on my right side. I literally could not sleep well, until my pillow came in. I still sleep with this pillow by the way, it feels like someone is cuddling me.

    • Bring a variety of protein shakes. From my research different hospitals are dfferent. Some hospitals only give patients water, but luckily my hospital gave me protein shakes. Before sugery my favorite was strawberry, but after sugery I could no longer tolerate the smell. Luckily, I brought caramel, strawberry, and french vanilla. French vanilla is my favorite.

    • Bring a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude is hard especially when having a major surgery, but it is needed. I am apart of a few Facebook groups. I was able to let everyone know that I was going into surgery that morning and everyone sent positive vibes.

    I hope this list helps you when trying to figure what to pack!



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