• 2017, Year In Review

    Hey Curvies!!!

    2017 was one of the best years of my life and for my blog. I feel like I am walking more and more in my purpose. It’s amazing that in January I set so many goals for myself and unlike any other year I did not give up, I did not shy away, I did stop. I kept moving forward even when I really did not see a reward at the end.

    I will never forget how deciding to have weight loss surgery changed my life or how I had to remind myself that the good will outweigh the pain. My mom was with me and I wanted to be super strong for her but in the end she was the one trying to be super striong for me. I was reminded how awesome my family, boyfriend, and friends really are. My family took turns taking days off from their jobs the first two or three weeks of my surgery to be with me.

    I cannot forget how nervous I was walking into the The Curvy Fashionista Expo. I just knew I was gonna fan out (which I slick did) but I also thought I would have to introduce myself or be super awkward, when people were walking up to me and knew who I was, still surreal. I am looking forward to going back!

    I cannot forget having the courage to say no when some people did not see my value. While also finding the strength to say yes. I attended an event hosted by Tanger Outlet in August. I graduated with my Master’s degree in September. I was a featured blogger at one of Memphis biggest fashion shows, also in September. I was on a whole panel this year in October!!!!

    I was a VIP guest at an event geared toward women empowerment in November. I did a campaign with Ford in November too! Also in November I attended a dinner with the editor of Essence and made sure to put other bloggers on. Because I honestly believe there’s room for all of and strength in numbers.

    In December I was invited to attend a dress event for Lane Bryant and I was invited to attend an event at Nordstrom Rack. In December I also got to shoot on Beale Street with some amazing bloggers and an amazing photographer.

    I say all of this say giving up half way was not an option in 2017. I literally feel like my year got better in May and has been on an upward trend. What’s funny is I have so much more in me and I cannot wait to continue sharing my journey with you all.‍


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