• Flyaway Blazer and Denim Skirt

    Hey Curvy!!!

    I am happy to bring you a new Fashion Friday post featuring this Flyaway Blazer and Denim Skirt !!! Be sure to check my style notes below for sizing details! I would love to publicly state I have not worn a denim skirt since my junior year of high school!!!

    Yeah, you read that right, I have not put a denim skirt on my body in over 12 years. I was both completely shocked and overwhelmed when I opened my Rebel Wilson X Angels package filled with goodies. I did not know what to think but I immediately thought “this is not mines.” Before I could email I decided to try it on and girl I was shocked!!! I put my phone down and danced in the mirror!

    I forgot how casual and cute denim skirts were. I forgot how freeing it was to wear a denim skirt. I think I was concerned about the length but it was perfect. Then I though about the split in the back and thought to myself “it’s not that bad.” These were all th thoughts that entered my head after trying this skirt on.

    After realizing I loved the skirt, I started outfit planning. I knew my cognac block heel sandals would be perfect and adding the flyaway blazer was icing on the cake. I am so happy I chose to keep this denim skirt.

    Style Notes: I am wearing a size 18 in this denim skirt, I would have opted for a 16 for a snug fit, but with the split up the back the 18 was a dream. My flyaway blazer is true to size in a 0x. I am wearing a size large in my tank top. My cognac block heel sandals are also true size in a 10.


    Outfit Details ~ c/0 Rebel Wilson X Angels Flyaway Blazer ~ c/o Rebel Wilson X Angels Denim Skirt ~ Sandals ~ Tank Top ~




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