• TCFStyleExpo Recap

    Myself, Tiffany, Chasi, and Faith. For my outfit details head here

    Hey Curvies!!!

    Unless you have been hiding under a rock the TCFStyleExpo is a huge plus size event that takes place in Atlanta, GA. While in its third year the TCFStyleExpo continues to be “a body-positive fashion convention that takes online conversations about plus-size fashion and advocacy, offline. Independent and mainstream fashion brands are represented here, and women & men bond over style, entertainment and empowerment.” If you have never attended this event please plan to next year, you will not be disappointed.

    This was my second time attending and it was extremely different from my first time last year. Last year I was so nervous to see all of the plus size influencers that I follow and even made my mom and sister attend as a security blanket. I talk about that experience (here). I was so overhelmed and was fan girling all weekend and was super shocked when people were walking up to me and knew my name. I eventually found my TCF tribe and my mom and sister left me to roam.

    Day 1 of the TCFStyle Expo

    This year I attended the TCFStyleExpo with my “Sisters in Fashion” and Southern Curve Collective group Chasi of Sweat In Mascara and Faith of Faithfully Yours. We have only known eachother for a year but it feels so much longer! On trips like this the people you travel with really matters the most. We had a blast! The first day of the expo we rocked out African Print dresses and they were all so cute. I was able to get pictures of the countless vendors and snap it up with some of my favorite people. I attended the “Size 20+ And How to Navigate It” panel discussion and it was amazing. The purpose of this panel was to “talk openly about how to navigate society with positive vibes despite how plus size women are viewed. How do you keep self-esteem, self-care and keeping a healthy mind despite social media and societal standards.”

    Outfit Details ~ Dress c/o Grass Fields ~ Sandals ~ Earrings ~

    Day 2 of the TCFStyle Expo

    The second day of the expo was a whirlwind. I was on a panel this year, my second year!!! Our panel was the “Where Does Plus Size Fitness Fit In the Industry?” The pupose of our panel was to “break the double standard that applies with loving your body at any size. This goes both ways if you can love your curves at any size while gaining weight then this should also be the same standard for weight loss.” I think we did an amazing job of getting our points across while respecting everyone’s journey. My takeaway was that somehow body positivity and fat positvity were merged under an umbrella and that is where certain issues come into play. I will leave a short snippet of myself speaking on this subject.

    Marie Denee, the Creator of TCFStyleExpo, and Faith of Faithfully Yours

    Jami of Style Over Size and I

    Tiffany of Beautiffullyme and I

    Shainna of Thick Girl’s Closet and I



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