• A Pregnant Bee: 7 Months Pregnant

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I hit 7 months and I honestly feel like I just found out I was pregnant. Everything has been smooth sailing other than early on when I was constantly nauseated.

    Let’s talk about the baby! Peanut is doing great,  according to my apps he is over 2 pounds and I believe it. His kicks are not cute little flutters anymore. He literally keeps me up at night until I rub and talk to him. I love it but when he hears  his dad’s voice he goes bananas. It is the cutest thing ever. His favorite spot is the right side of my stomach and when I lay on that side he has a fit. My son has a real personality and I cannot wait to meet him.

    Now a mommy update! I am up about 12 pounds since finding out I was pregnant. At first gaining weight after just losing over 100 pounds gave me anxiety. I thought my surgeon and PCP would be disappointed in me and they were quite the opposite. Everyone was super excited and assured me it was totally normal. But with getting pregnant after only 10 months post op my restriction still seems to be in tact. Now I do eat just about any and everything I want and I can eat spicy foods again. We’re almost at the finish line and our baby shower is Saturday. I cannot wait! If you would like to send us a present here are the links to our online registries Target and Amazon.

    Style Notes: I am wearing a size 2x in this dress, it is maternity with an amazing fit. My denim jacket (similar) is true to size in a 14. My booties are also true to size in a 10 wide.

    Outfit Details ~ c/o Pink Blush Dress ~ Denim Jacket (Similar) ~ Booties ~ Earrings ~


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