• The Best American Cities To Dress Up In

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    Anyone concerned with fashion can dress to impress in most any mid- to large-sized city. There’s just something about an urban atmosphere – all types of people coming and going, fancy restaurants and bars, active nightlife, or whatever else – that makes it feel right to dress your best. Even long noteworthy cities though, some stand out as being particularly fun to dress up and try new looks in. This is my look at some American cities that really stand out in this regard.

    New York, New York

    You hardly even have to think about this topic before your mind goes to New York. From internationally renowned fashion shows to the shops of 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue, New York City has a long-lasting reputation for high fashion. But it’s not all about the model showcases and thousand-dollar garments you see in store windows. New York has also been called America’s best city for street style, meaning more casual fashion can go a long way. The whole spectrum is covered, and individuality is celebrated, which means no matter what you’re dressing for, New York is the place to do it.

    Miami, Florida

    While it’s not quite New York, Miami has built up a sort of similar reputation for fashion, in that quality style exists on a massive spectrum. There’s a certain fashion for a day out strolling along the South Beach area, and there’s a very high-end nightlife and dining culture. For that matter, Miami also has its own celebrated fashion street, Lincoln Road, which some refer to as the 5th Avenue of South Beach. We’ll also note that there can be a sort of mild eccentricity to Miami style, but if anything that just makes it more fun.

    San Francisco, California

    San Francisco is a city with a very distinct character: progressive, cutting edge, wealthy yet casual…. This general vibe seems to touch every aspect of the city, and somehow the fashion as well. This guide of what to wear in the city should give you that idea. Many of the suggestions sound downright casual, and yet the examples provided are undeniably chic (and in some cases quite pricey). Of course, walking around town in the afternoon and visiting one of the innumerable incredible restaurants involve different style considerations. Generally speaking though, this is a place for what we could only call very high-end casual fashion.

    Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Just a few years ago, Atlantic City was trending toward ghost town status, and wasn’t particularly fashionable at all. However, new legislation was signed into law in February of 2013 allowing the online gambling market to flourish, and as a result the city is in the midst of a slow but sure revival. And, on the heels of the online casino build-up, the actual casino resorts have shown signs of life too, such that Atlantic City is getting some of its Vegas feel back. Mind you it’s still very casual in a lot of areas, but this is a fun city in which to show off the higher end of your wardrobe while visiting a poker room or a famous restaurant – all without the hassle and crowds of Las Vegas.

    Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago is like any big city in that there’s a different style for every activity, every neighborhood, and every season. Anything goes, so to speak. But this is also a city that surprises some first-time visitors from a style standpoint. Chicago, for the most part, is a clean and pretty place, known for excellent architecture. The people there are proud, with a brand of patriotism felt toward their city. And some of the highlight areas – major hotels, fancy restaurants, etc. – feel almost inexplicably special. Because of all of this there’s something to be said for putting your best foot forward when visiting the Windy City.


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