• Top 3 Shapewears While Pregnant

    Hey Curvies!!!!

    Lately I have been getting a ton of DMs and emails regarding my shapewear preferences while pregnant. Honestly, I tried the “maternity” shapewear and it did not do anything. I will say that the role of my shapewear has changed while pregnant. I am no longer looking to be “snatched” my only goal is to look smooth under my clothes. Check out my top 3 shapewears below. I will give you all side by side pictures and sizing differences.

    1. Spanx

    Now spanx has been my go to shapewear for well over a year now. I love spanx because it is breathable. It is not a girdle and does not give you a magical shape you do not have. But it does smooth you out flawlessly and accentuates your waist. My sizing prior to being pregnant was a large, the large was amazing fit and I was snatched. My sizing while pregnant is a 2x, again because my goal is to smooth not snatched.

    2. High Waist Panties

    I love wearing high waist panties. They make you feel together and they are simply underwear. Now my love for high waist panties is over the moon while pregnant. Mainly, because I did not like the waistband on my stomach or under my belly while pregnant. These high waist panties does keep your pregnant belly from sagging and makes my belly bump look more prominent. My sizing prior to being pregnant was a 14/16, now my size is a 18/20.

    3. Thigh Smoother (Similar)

    Now, the thigh smoother (similar) is not a shapewear you wear underneath figure hugging clothing. The harsh lines would let everybody know your secret! The thigh smoother (similar) serves as an anti-chaffing shapewear so that my legs do not rub together and create a fire. I usually wear my thigh smoother (similar) under maxi dresses, maxi skirts, or any free flowing garment. My sizing prior to being pregnant was a 14/16, now my size is a 18/20.


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