• Sleeping With Big Fig While Pregnant

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so happy to introduce to you Big Fig, “The Mattress for a Bigger Figure.” Big Fig is solving the problem that most plus size and big and tall people have which is not having a mattress that can support you larger frame. It is important to know that the founders of Big Fig family have over over 90+ of matress manufactoring experience. Which means they know a thing or two about making mattresses. For a discount code use “” at checkout.

    Alison, the co-founder of Big Fig partnered with her father, who is also a co-founder of Big Fig, to create Big Fig, they “assembled a team to design and build a mattress from the ground up, specifically for the underserved community of plus size and big & tall sleepers. We decided to sell the mattress online-only and to pair it with a wealth of information about the specifics of our mattress construction materials. With more education and transparent information, less consumers might be lured by the “all-foam” slabs and cheaper construction from the other mattress brands. Additionally, we wanted to make sure we could build a mattress that outperforms all mattress types, including other innerspring mattresses. The Big Fig Mattress was designed, built and tested in 2016, and we’re excited to be able to share our hard work with you.”

    Let me just say that being plus size and getting a good night’s sleep is hard, but being a plus size woman who is 8 months pregnant trying to sleep is harder. I have just about flatten my poor maternity pillows trying to manuever my body to where is it comfortable for sleep. Honestly, before getting pregnant I had no complaints with my previous mattress, in my mind it comformed to my body and did what it was suppose to. Little did I know it did nothing it was supposed to do and most times the mattress that was supposed to last years and years would be need to be replace within 6 months. Big Fig has a 20 year warranty on their mattresses! After sleeping on my Big Fig mattress for over 3 months and hitting 8 months pregnant, those other mattresses do not compare.

    Now me sleeping on the Big Fig mattress is wonderful for being plus size but it is also a dream for my boyfriend who falls under the big and tall catergory. We literally can sleep in peace with this mattress. When he or I get out of bed in the middle of the night neither one of us are interrupted or awaken which is probably due to the “1600 Individually Wrapped Coils,” inside our king size mattress. I love how we were able to brave the Memphis heat with the “ThermoGel Quilted Top Added Over Perforated Foam,” that “helps to cool your body temperature for a more comfortable sleeping experience.”

    My final thought is that Big Fig is worth the investment. I know it is super easy to tell someone to buy an expensive mattress they’ve never tried but Big Fig offers you a 120 night trial where you get to try out the bed. in the comfort of your own home! Also, Big Fig offers financing too! Don’t forget to use code “CURVYBEE” for a sweet discount.



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