• Let’s Give Em Something To Talk About: Statement Booties

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited to be bringing you all a brand new series from featuring Faith of Faithfully Yours and myself of Southern Curve Collective. Again this blogger collaborative started back in April of this year. Faith and I met via social media and then in person at TCF Style Expo last Summer. We really did not get to interact and ended up meeting during a Tanger blogger event last Fall. We immediately clicked because this was first time I went shopping with another plus size woman my age and it was so fun! We have been tight ever since.

    First up is statement booties! Statement booties are showstoppers that do not take much to style. Either you are going to go with all black or you are going to go full on color. The cool thing is that Faith and I took on both of these versions of styling these statement booties and the outcome was so good! Do you have a pair of statement booties in closet, but unsure on how to style them?

    I actually found my statement booties in closet. I honestly forgot about them and only remembered them after looking at my own Instagram account. I first style them in a tomato colored dress and it was so good. This time around I wanted to add a little more color. I opted for a bright red coat that is really my favorite! I then went with a cobalt blue tank top because I love wearing tank tops, because I tend to overheat in long sleeves. Lastly, I added my distressed maternity denim and everything went perfect!

    Style Notes: I am wearing a XXL in my bright red coat. My tank top is an XL. My distressed maternity denim is a size 3XL. My statement booties are a size 11.

    Outfit Details ~ Statement Booties ~ Bright Red Coat ~ Tank Top ~ Distressed Maternity Denim ~


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