• Army Checks

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited to be bringing you all a new Fashion Friday post!!! I have been mixing prints lately but always played it super safe. My print mixing would always be in the same color family but this outfit was super different for me. It’s super chill but cute.

    Let’s talk about this checkerboard jacket (plain but similar) a little more. I wanted this leather jacket for a long time. After laying eyes on it, it sold out immediately. I waited until it was restocked and grabbed it! Now I did jump the gun and buy my checkerboard vans because I had faith I would own that jacket.

    With this outfit I initially wanted to wear a black bodycon, but quickly figured that was too plain. Then I figured that could wait and went with army fatigue joggers and a graphic tee. The thought of this outfit made me happy and terrified. It turned out wonderfully!

    Style Notes: I am wearing a size 1x in my checkerboard jacket (plain but similar) and it is true to size. My checkerboard vans are a size 8 in men’s and are also true to size. My army fatigue joggers are a size 3x, but are a size too big. My graphic tee is a size large.

    Outfit Details ~ Checkerboard Jacket ~ Checkerboard Vans ~Army Fatigue Joggers ~ Graphic Tee ~


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