• Suited Up: Stripes

    Hey Curvies!!!!

    I wanted to start this post off by saying thank you for all of the DMs, emails, and prayers in regards to my mom. She is doing so much that it still shocks me. Before she was hospitalized back in May my next series was a suit series. So without further ado my new series is “Suited Up.” In this series I will showcase 4 suits that are needed at some point. 

    First up is stripes. This is a linen blend suit cropped suit. This suit spoke to immediately and I just had to have it. When blogging looks I make sure my looks serve multiple purposes and this suit will definitely be a hit at work. Especially one of those days where I am leading a meeting. 

    This suit is pretty awesome. It has a tailored look that is hard to come by these days. Did I mention these suit pants have a really good thin lining? That means I let my spanx take a break this day. The suit jacket does have shoulder pads to give your shoulders a structured look without over doing it.

    Styling this suit was sorta funny. I had another direction I wanted to go in but when Austin saw my lavender sandals and lavender earrings he insisted that it looked so much better. I am so happy I listened to him because this look is popping.

    Style Notes: I sized up in these suit pants because of the lining. I am wearing a size 20, but after shedding some weight they are too big now. My suit jacket is true to size in a 14. My lavender sandals are also true to size in a 10.

    Outfit Details ~ Suit Jacket* ~ Suit Pants* ~ Lavender Sandals ~ Lavender Earrings ~

    *Suit was gifted by Lane Bryant, all opinions are my own.


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