• Affordable Clothing for a Growing Baby

    Hey Curvies!!!

    Mommas or aunties how frustrating is it when you buy the perfect outfit for your baby then overnight a growth spurt hits and the outfit is too small?! Being 100% honest this has been happening quite often for me. My son has had the cutest outfits but with a blink the outfit is too small. What frustrates me is spending a ton of money on these trendy clothes and knowing my son will never wear them. Well my friends at Walmart.com are having their “Best of Baby Month” Saving Event. The month of September has been filled with online savings! Walmart.com has been my go to for affordable clothing for your growing baby boy!

    I found most of these cute outfits on Walmart.com and most of them are from the Walmart exclusive brand Garanimals that my son will be wearing all Fall. I love that these outfit will keep my son warm and super stylish. I will also be sharing my son’s favorite snacks.

    1. 3PC Camo Set (Pictured)
      • I feel in love with this outfit online and had to grab it for my baby boy!
    2. Blue Dinosaur Sweatshirt + Matching Blue Sweatpants
      • This is the cutest little set! Since having my son I have grown to love dinosaurs. He wears dinosaurs on his clothing and even has a dinosaur stuffed animal, Danny.
    3. Mommy’s Little Hero Sweatshirt + Maroon Sweatpants
      • This is the outfit my son was going to wear to the shoot originally. I definitely fell in love with the saying on the sweatshirt and the color, maroon.
    4. Daddy’s Little Explorer Set
      • Austin could not pass up the chance to grab something with daddy on the front. I love the colors in this outfit and cannot to coordinate something with him.
    5. Destined For Great Things + Black Sweatpants
      • This is the cutest set and really cannot wait for my son wear it.
    6. Sweet Potato & Banana Teether
      • My son loves bananas. This teething snack is safe enough for him to self-feed while mommy is watching.
    7. Strawberry Banana Puffs
      • I really like these puffs for my son because they actually challenge him with opening and closing his hands. He thinks they are delicious!

    Buy $50 Gerber Organic baby snacks and get free $10 Walmart Gift Card with purchase!

    Be sure to visit Walmart.com for all of you affordable baby clothing.

    This post is sponsored by my friends at Walmart. All opinions are my own.


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