• Falling for Denim: Cropped

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited to bring you all another great series! Again I am so grateful to be back working on my blog and creating content. This is a true passion and creative outlet. Any who, who’s ready to keep this a jean series moving! My first taste of Fall content. Yay!!!

    Second up are these cropped jeans! Ladies these jeans are everything to me! How about I have had these cropped jeans since June. Thankfully, they are right on time! I love the fact they they are high rise and even have a little distress but not too much. These are the cool jeans you can wear to work without getting side-eyed by your co-workers.

    Now lets talk about this blue sweater and styling. This is a true sweater, like this blue sweater is perfect for Fall/Winter. This sweater is super soft and the color is perfect. I wanted my accessories to really pop and went with yellow. I have had these yellow platforms for at least 3 or 4 years. They were key to bringing this outfit to life. My yellow handbag was perfect as well and I received it recently. Lastly, my tan earrings completed this outfit. I actually removed the fringe from my tan earrings and that made the earrings look better.

    Style Notes: My cropped jeans are a size 18 and are true to size. My blue sweater is also true to size in a 0x. My yellow platforms are true to size in a 9 wide.

    Outfit Details ~ Cropped Jeans ~ Blue Sweater* ~ Yellow Platforms ~ Yellow Handbag ~ Tan Earrings ~

    *Blue sweater received complimentary, all opinions are my own.


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