• Mommy to the Max: Errands

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am excited to bring you all another series! This time I am fusing my ongoing “Mommy Monday” series with my monthly style series. As a new mommy my style has definitely changed. Over the Summer I found myself grabbing my sneakers more so than my super cute sandals. That is how this series was born mainly because I love these style of sneakers. But also as a mommy you have to be ready for whatever, if you have carry the carseat alone, pop the stroller up/down, or even rush to the bathroom to change a crying baby. So comfort and mobility has taken a lead in my life.

    First up is this casual errand run outfit. This is not the outfit you go shopping in this is the cute outfit where you plan a trip to Walmart, Target, or even a shopping trip for the baby. This is the outfit you wear when you are meeting your girlfriends for lunch and they want to see the baby too.

    Styling this outfit was pretty cool. I took into account layering, in Memphis it is not super cool but there is a breeze or two. I also, wanted to take into account if we were headed to a restaurant because restaurants tend to be chilly. So a light white tee with a faux suede moto jacket (similar) is the best solution. The wide leg crops remind me of a flexible khaki because the fit is everything. I have great movement and they are not too tight to bend down. These sneakers are everything to me and they are comfortable!

    Style Notes: I am wearing a size 8.5 Men’s/10 Women’s in these Air Max 270s and these are true to size. I feel like I am walking on clouds, I love these shoes! I am wearing a size large in this faux suede moto jacket (similar) and the fit is perfect. I am wearing a size extra large in this white tee (similar) and I love the tee. My wide leg crops are too big, they are a size 22 but they were super on sale!

    Outfit Details ~ Air Max 270s (Grey/Black) ~ Faux Suede Moto Jacket (Similar) ~ White Tee (Similar) ~ Wide Leg Crops ~


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