• Mommy Monday: Our Son is One

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am super excited to bring you a new Mommy Monday post. It seems like forever and baby Austin has grown tremendously since I last wrote about him. He is one now and I vividly remember my entire labor and delivery experience. Wow! I have a little toddler on my hands. Let’s get into the updates!

    Austin has two teeth at the bottom and two teeth coming in at the top. We can literally see his two top teeth coming out of his gums. Before teething 2.0 kicked in he was sleeping through the night in his own bed. Teething has him extremely clingy and cranky in the mornings. He’ll sleep in his bed then makes his way in the bed. I know his teeth are bothering him so I let that slide. He still sleeps throughout the night although at one point he would wake up crying because of those pesky teeth.

    Austin is not walking just yet but he does take a couple steps and falls. I think he is a little shy because he is always looking around before he falls to the floor. He is in hard bottoms and I can tell his feet are getting strong. He stands up in the bed with no assistance moments at a time. He says “momma, dada, ball, hi, bye, wow, car, and oh.” Watching him get excited and clap for himself is the cutest thing ever.

    Mom life took me by surprise. I spent my entire pregnancy thinking of ways I can be the ideal mom but there is no book that teaches you how to fully process this new life. My advice to new moms is to do what works for you and have patience. Also, if you have help utilize it. If dad is in the picture give him things to do that lighten your load. I promised myself I wouldn’t be a worn down mom because my self care is important too.

    Here are some Austin’s 1 year old photo shoot pictures!


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