• Southern Curve Collective: New Year’s Eve

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited to be bringing you all a brand new series centered around holiday attire from Southern Curve Collective. Chasi of Sweat in Mascara, Faith of Faithfully Yours, and myself created this blogger collaborative back in April of last year and are finally ready to share some new content. We met through social media and have become “Sister’s in Fashion.” We are so excited to be bringing you all along as we take SCC into 2020!

    Last but certainly not least SCC is bringing you all the perfect New Year’s Eve looks! It may seem cliche but I feel like the best time to wear sequins is New Year’s Eve! Sparkle sparkle all the way into the New Year! I think this is my most favorite look from the collaboration. Do you wear sequin year round or only during the holiday season?

    Now I will admit I was super nervous when I pulled this full sequin jumpsuit out of the bag. I had no clue how I wanted to style it. When it was in transit I wanted a monochromatic look but after laying eyes on it I had to turn it up a notch! I remembered I had the perfect faux fur coat from last year and the hints of fuchsia were a match made in heaven. This sequin jumpsuit is a little more on the fuchsia side more so than red. I paired my fuchsia block heels (similar) and completed this look with my colorful statement earrings.

    Style Notes: This sequin jumpsuit is lined with a stretch fabric and the fit is perfect in a size 18. I wish I would have sized up for length. My fuchsia block heels (similar) are true to size in a 10. My faux fur coat is true to size in a 14/16.

    Outfit Details ~ Sequin Jumpsuit ~ Fuchsia Block Heels (Similar) ~ Faux Fur Coat ~ Colorful Statement Earrings ~


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