• Mommy Monday: Baby Carrying at 12 Months

    Hey Curvies!!!

    Our son turned 1 year on December 14 and guess what? He is not walking! In my mind I knew he would be walking before 12 months/1 year but taking full responsibility 3 months ago he was barely crawling. I wanted to snuggle up and cuddle with him and his feet barely touched the floor. Life is a lot easier for us thanks to our Contours Baby Carrier is making life a lot easier! I still can’t believe how comfortable and secure this carrier is for us.

    Around 9 months I think we felt our “deadline” closing in and started to put him on the floor. Next thing you know he is crawling and reaching more. Around 10 months he began pulling up on things or in his case pulling things down. At 11 months he started taking steps and our mind was blown. At 12 months he is focusing on his balance and taking a lot of steps.

    As he has begun to walk on his own, but this Contours Baby Carrier is still an easy to manage. We meal prep his baby food for the week (that is another blog post) and this time I wore Austin on back and he was so comfortable he fell asleep. Thank goodness baby’s up to 45 lbs. can be worn.


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