• Millennial Workwear: Blue Casual Friday

    Hey Curvies!!!

    Millennial workwear is an ongoing series that features workwear options for millennials that are entering corporate America. In the early stages of my career I was under the impression that black was the only color that fit my company’s dress code. I was so wrong. What is important is the fit. Let’s get into this super chic casual Friday look!

    I know it is Monday, the start of a new work week, but my mind is already on Friday. Now I will be honest with you all for casual Friday I only have modes: super comfy or super chic. Now super comfy means sweatpants and/or sweatshirt with Ugg boots or sneakers. Super chic is extra cute and girly with the ability to go for drinks right after work.

    This outfit definitely falls under the super chic spectrum of casual Friday’s. I loved this ombre blue look. I found the navy blue blouse (similar) during a really good sale. The high waist dark blue jeans were on sale as well and perfect for this navy blue blouse (similar). I needed a print but went with subtle snakeskin booties. This outfit was pulled together with my light blue teddy coat. Lastly, I went with yellow earrings and yellow handbag (similar) to add a splash of color.

    Style Notes:I am wearing a 1x in this navy blue blouse (similar) and it is true to size. My high waist dark blue jeans are also true to size in a 2x. My snakeskin booties are true to size in a 10. My light blue teddy coat could have a size smaller, I am wearing a 2x and it is too big.

    Outfit Details ~ Navy Blue Blouse (Similar) ~ High Waist Dark Blue Jeans ~ Snakeskin Booties ~ Light Blue Teddy Coat ~ Yellow Earrings ~ Yellow Handbag (Similar) ~


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