• Black is the New Black: Black Denim

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited for month of March series “Black is the New Black.” I tend to do a black series when I have been overloaded with color and just need a break. Yes, I still love wearing colors but instead of taking a break from blog I find it creatively refreshing taking a break from color. Now I will admit that I will be featuring a lot of colors on either Monday’s or Friday’s. Let’s get into these black denim mom jeans.

    Curvies I have really been into mom jeans because the fit is so different from skinny jeans or flared jeans. Mom jeans are super comfy and always are high waisted. High waist jeans have never been kind to me but lately I have been enjoying them. I always end up with black denim that does not look like black denim, more like slacks. This black denim is not only denim, they are also distressed and I love them.

    Initially I decided to style my black denim with black on black. I wanted to add a little color but not too much in my very own way. I first remembered my pink booties (similar) and how I needed to wear them one more time. I found my colorblock black jacket and it was perfection. I then set out to find a cute yet simple graphic tee and that is exactly what this outfit needed. Lastly, I wanted my accessories to really compliment this outfit. I went with my favorite black pearl headband, pearl earrings, and gold bangles.

    Style Notes: I am wearing a size 18 in my black denim. Of course they do not fit exactly in the waist but in my hips the fit is good. I am wearing a size 2x in this colorblock black jacket and the fit is just right. My pink booties (similar) are a size 11 and because the front is narrow the fit is spot on. When shopping on Shein please look at the fabric content and size chart. My graphic tee is true to size in an extra large.

    Outfit Details ~ Black Denim ~ Pink Booties (Similar) ~ Colorblock Black Jacket ~ Graphic Tee ~ Black Pearl Headband ~ Pearl Earrings ~ Gold Bangles ~


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