• Mint to Bee

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited to be bringing you all a brand new Fashion Friday post! If you are new here this is an ongoing series outside of my themed Wednesday posts. Fashion Friday’s are all about whatever I decide to create. And I am usually super excited about the outfit or sometimes even trying something new. Can we get into this mint top!

    I am so excited to be bringing you all this mint goodness! I bought this shirt back in October and honestly wanted to just hold on to it. March 1st marks the unofficial start of Spring for fashion and I could not think of a better time to debut this mint top (similar style). What is the longest you have waited to wear a clothing item?

    Let’s get into styling this mint top (similar style)! I could have played it safe but opted to style this mint top with white. I found these white clear platform heels (similar) and fell in love. I knew they were gonna be comfortable and had to have them. I wanted a textured white crossbody bag and found the perfect one. I then pulled these distressed mom jeans out of my closet and this outfit was complete.

    Style Notes: My mint top (similar style) is in a 2x, I sized up for a longer length. My clear platform heels (similar) are in a size 11, I wish I would have gotten my size 10. My mom jeans are true to size in an 18, I do have a little extra room in the waist but that is normal.

    Outfit Details ~ Mint Top (Similar Style) ~ Clear Platform Heels (Similar) ~ Mom Jeans ~ White Handbag ~


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