• Black is the New Black: Checks on Checks

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited for month of March series “Black is the New Black.” I tend to do a black series when I have been overloaded with color and just need a break. Yes, I still love wearing colors but instead of taking a break from blog I find it creatively refreshing taking a break from color. Now I will admit that I will be featuring a lot of colors on either Monday’s or Friday’s. Let’s get into this checkerboard goodness!

    What’s more classic than black and white? As a sucker for both equally checkerboard is the perfect combo. Wearing print on print can be overwhelming but if you wear similar prints or the same exact print it makes creating your outfit super easy. I opted to wear a simple black dress so that the checkerboard print could state center stage. Keep in mind that with this checkerboard print ANY color would have worked.

    The cool thing about this outfit os that 2 out of the 3 items worn were from my very own closet. My checkerboard faux leather jacket (similar) is almost 2 years old. This leather jacket is not real but the weight is so similar to a real leather jacket. I was happy to pull this checkerboard faux leather jacket (similar) out again. My checkerboard vans are just as old as my jacket but still super cool. I found this super cute and super figure flattering dress a couple of weeks ago and I love it. The side knot is adjustable which helps create ruching. Lastly, I added some silver hoops for effect.

    Style Notes: My checkerboard faux leather jacket (similar) is true to size in a 1x. My checkerboard vans are also true to size in a men’s size 8. My dress is a perfect fit in an extra large.

    Outfit Details ~ Checkerboard Faux Leather Jacket (Similar) ~ Checkerboard Vans ~ Dress ~ Silver Hoop Earrings ~


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