• Black is the New Black: Black on Black

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I’m so excited for month of March series “Black is the New Black.” I tend to do a black series when I have been overloaded with color and just need a break. Yes, I still love wearing colors but instead of taking a break from blog I find it creatively refreshing taking a break from color. Now I will admit that I will be featuring a lot of colors on either Monday’s or Friday’s. Let’s get into this black on black!

    Thank you all for following this series, “Black is the New Black.” This series set out to give me a break from color and guess what? I miss color and my love for color has been reignited. I had to do at least one all black outfit post before ending this series and I am glad I did. There is not like a little black dress to create a mood. I am loving this one.

    I fell in love with this black sheer dress at first sight. I saw it online and instantly knew I would layer it with a black bodycon. This is something that I wear really well! I then went with my black block heels because I comfortable shoe is a plus. Lastly, my black heart earrings (similar), black handbag, and silver bangles were the perfect touch.

    Style Notes: My black sheer dress is a 2x. I wanted the buttons to lay flat. My black bodycon is true size in a 1x. My black block heels are true to size in a 10.

    Outfit Details ~ Black Sheer Dress ~ Black Bodycon ~ Black Block Heels ~ Black Heart Earrings (Similar) ~ Silver Bangles ~ Black Handbag ~



    1. Peter
      April 1, 2020 / 9:43 pm

      Always on point šŸ’Æ the black on black šŸ‘— dark n lovely

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