• Millennial Workwear: Green Spring Suit

    Hey Curvies!!!

    Millennial workwear is an ongoing series that features workwear options for millennials that are entering corporate America. In the early stages of my career I was under the impression that black was the only color that fit my company’s dress code. I was so wrong. What is important is the fit. Let’s get into this amazing wide leg suit!

    As lover of workwear my favorite thing other than a dress is a good fitting suit. The key element that makes a good suit is fit. This suit fits me really good as if it was tailored and honestly, I always end up having to get my suits tailored. Let’s talk about my bright green suit blazer because it both chic and comfortable. Finding a bright green suit pants with a lining was like hitting the jackpot and I am truly in love.

    Styling this green suit pretty cool. At first I wanted to go with tan accessories to tone down the green but ultimately decided that more green worked well with the suit. I found these green and pink earrings in an amazing set and fell in love with them. I remembered my green and pink sandals (similar) are always a hit found them in my closet. These sandals are over two years old. Since I overloaded on green I decided a light pink handbag (very similar) would be a good touch. Lastly, I went with a simple white tank and gold bangles to complete this look.

    Style Notes: This suit is pretty awesome and true to size. My green suit blazer is a in a 14 and my green suit pants are in a 16. I am always able to size down in wide leg pants, so order your usual sizes. My green and pink sandals (similar) are true to size in a 10, but these are not the most comfortable shoes. Again, these shoes are over two years old. My white tank is true to size in an extra large.

    Outfit Details ~ Green Suit (Blazer and Pants) ~ Green and Pink Earrings ~ Green and Pink Sandals (Similar) ~ Light Pink Handbag (Very Similar) ~ White Tank ~ Gold Bangles ~


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