• Bee in Red: The Casual Outfit

    Hey Curvies!!!

    It’s July Curvies!!! I am still excited for the month of July! My birthday was July 17th!!! I feel like it was only right to have red as the color for this month’s series. Red is my absolute favorite color, then pink. For years I loved red, but had to grow my confidence to actually wear it. Weird right? Thankfully, I am wearing more red these days and I look so cute doing it! This series will feature a maxi dress, a little red dress, and of course this casual look!

    I am an ultimate girly girl and dressing casual does not come as easy for me as a dress. Often times I second guess the entire look up until the very end. Well lately dressing casual has been my first and easiest outfit choice. I remember a time when I would feel like a fish out of water whenever I opted for denim or finding denim would be such a pain I would not even bother.

    I love wearing sneakers and in this outfit they were the perfect balance. I love this long kimono with the red trim. This kimono gave my outfit a girly feel. I always enjoy a white tee and went with a plain white tank. My cropped jeans are the absolute best and the most comfortable ever! The icing on this outfit was my red converse. I have always loved converse since I was a teenager and my love for them have grown.

    Style Notes: My kimono is a comfortable fit and is “one size fits most”. My white tank is true to size in an XL. My cropped jeans are true to size in an 18. My red converse are also true to size in a women’s 9.5.

    Outfit Details ~ Kimono ~ White Tank Top ~ Cropped Jeans ~ Red Converse ~


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