• Mom-vember: Cream Styling

    Hey Curvies!!!

    Mom-vember will be a yearly at minimum series moving forward. It is so easy to get caught up thinking in “every mom already knows this” when honestly we do not know everything. And that is okay. I am not a cookie cutter mom. Things that may work for myself and my son may not work for you, but at best we will get to learn from each other during this series. I plan to share our morning routine, our eczema relief regimen that works year round, and of course two styled shoots. Let’s get in to this cream styling post!

    I am not going to lie, I read a meme that talked about moms not getting pictures with kids, because they are so busy taking the pictures. I literally took a step back and realized my mom was the “camerman.” Always. I have very few childhood pictures, that I knew I planned to change, and now I will change that narrative with my son. I want him to have picture of me in my prime and I want those pictures to show his kids and their kids.

    I had to style us “dressed up.” I cannot lie my son looked like a little man in these plaid pants and I loved them on him. These pants can easily be dressed up or down if you have an imagination. I found my cream dress first and knew I wanted his outfit to compliment mines. I wanted us to have print instead stark white outfits. I found his plaid pants first and knew he needed a cream top. His cream top was perfect, however he thought it was funny to stretch the head out when he was getting dressed. He thought he was being cute and he was! I then found his brown dress shoes and they were equally perfect. His outfit flowed so well! My outfit was pretty straight to the point. I loved this cream dress and decided to wear my snakeskin booties.

    Style Notes: Peanut outfit is true to size in a 3t (plaid pants, cream shirt) his brown shoes are also true to size in a 8. My cream dress is oversized but I still opted for a XXL because it bought me more length. My snakeskin booties are true to size in an 11, I size up in booties/boots.

    Outfit Details ~ Peanut (Cream Shirt, Plaid Pants, Brown Shoes) ~ Cream Dress ~ Snakeskin Booties ~


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