• Mom-vember: Graphic Tee Styling

    Hey Curvies!!!

    Mom-vember will be a yearly at minimum series moving forward. It is so easy to get caught up thinking in “every mom already knows this” when honestly we do not know everything. And that is okay. I am not a cookie cutter mom. Things that may work for myself and my son may not work for you, but at best we will get to learn from each other during this series. I plan to share our morning routine, our eczema relief regimen that works year round, and of course two styled shoots. Let’s get into this graphic tee outfit!

    My son is not at the age where he is vocal about his clothing, just yet. So I am taking full advantage of twinsies moments. I love twinning with my son for the sole purpose of showing him pictures when he is older and think momma is not cool. I want him to turn red in the face as I show all of his friends our pictures. Not to mention, I think I do a really good job at dressing him.

    Our graphic tee’s are not identical but both have the same theme, Lion King. I found my son’s shirt first and immediately went looking for something similar. I decided to pair black jeans with both shirts to make the colors pop. I then decided to wear white sneakers just to add a little brightness to the look. Lastly, we layered with denim jackets because it is the Fall here in Memphis.

    Outfit Details ~ Peanut’s Graphic Tee (Similar), My Graphic Tee ~ Peanut’s Jeans, My Jeans ~ Peanut’s Sneakers, My Sneakers ~ Peanut’s Denim Jacket (Similar), My Denim Jacket ~


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