• Mom-vember: Toddler Morning Routine

    Hey Curvies!!!

    Mom-vember will be a yearly at minimum series moving forward. It is so easy to get caught up thinking in “every mom already knows this” when honestly we do not know everything. And that is okay. I am not a cookie cutter mom. Things that may work for myself and my son may not work for you, but at best we will get to learn from each other during this series. I plan to share our morning routine, our eczema relief regimen that works year round, and of course two styled shoots. Let’s get into our morning routine!

    Our morning routine is an entire vibe! My son is not the easiest person in the morning and I am completely aware of this. I am a morning person and refuse to put in the universe that my son is not a morning person. I truly believe you have to be mindful of the words you place over your child. Anywho! I love words of affirmation. My son and I have a morning affirmation song which is “Happy” by Pharrell Williams on repeat. When the beats drops my son’s attitude immediately changes. Some days we have a morning dance party and other days we clap to get through things.

    We always start with me washing his face. I do this to get him to open his eyes and see me. Most days he squeezes his so tight together that I have to sing “Happy” to get him to clap his hands and somewhere in between that he opens his eyes. That is where our words of affirmations come into place, I typically repeat “you are so smart”, “you are so handsome”, “you are certainly capable of anything”, “you are so kind” or some variation of those phrases. These phrases are a daily reminder for my son and myself to speak positivity over him. Try a morning affirmation song with your toddler and let me know how it works out!

    Style Notes: Austin’s sleep set is true to size in a 3t. His house slippers are also true to size in a 7/8. My sleep set is a comfortable fit in an XL.


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