• Millennial Workwear: Snakeskin Print Skirt

    Hey Curvies!!!

    Millennial workwear is an ongoing series that features workwear options for millennials that are entering corporate America. In the early stages of my career I was under the impression that black was the only color that fit my company’s dress code. I was so wrong. What is important is the fit. Let’s get into this amazing snakeskin print skirt (similar)!

    I will be the first to admit that early on in my career black was my favorite color to wear. I vividly remember going to Lane Bryant with my mom and her grabbing three different types of black slacks, black skirts, and solid blouses. I was so excited to have a real job I never questioned her choices and went with it. Now if I’m being honest she bought everything and had been working in corporate America for over two decades at the point so I trusted her judgment.

    Fast forward to now where I live in color, even at work. I may own two pairs of black pants, maybe, and one black skirt. I have learned that just like everything in life, your work wardrobe requires balance. I love wearing prints but sometimes I do tone prints down with solids. I love when prints do the talking. Sometimes I will wear a solid dress with printed booties and I absolutely love it.

    Styling this snakeskin print skirt (similar) was so simple, yet chic. My goal was for this skirt to take center stage. I decided to go with a black turtleneck because it added a classic feel to this look. I then went with some western style booties (similar), they are so comfortable. I then added some green drop earrings and a mini bag.

    Style Notes: My snakeskin print skirt (similar) is true to size in an XL. My black turtleneck is true to size in a XL. My black booties (similar) are also true to size in a 10.

    Outfit Details ~ Snakeskin Print Skirt (Similar) ~ Black Turtleneck ~ Black Booties (Similar) ~


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