• Black Croc Combat Boots

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited to be bringing you all a brand new Fashion Friday post! If you are new here this is an ongoing series outside of my themed Wednesday posts. Fashion Friday’s are all about whatever I decide to create. And I am usually super excited about the outfit or sometimes even trying something new. Can we get into these croc textured boots?!

    I remember years ago wearing Polo boots and combat boots. At the time I felt like those boots went with everything! I remember dragging them across campus at University of Memphis. Wearing them until I could no longer wear them. Although my style is kinda changing my love for combat boots has returned stronger than ever. I found these boots and instantly fell in love.

    These combat boots are so special because of the croc texture and bright silver hardware. I feel like they are a hard boot with a splash of girly. I love them! I decided to style these combat boots with a gray fuzzy sweater and an animal print top. I completed both looks the exact same with my favorite black jeans (similar) and silver hoop earrings.

    Style Notes: My combat boots are a size 11 and as I always mention I size up in boots/booties. My gray fuzzy sweater is true to size in an XL. My animal print top is true to size in a 1x. My favorite black jeans (similar) are true to size a 18.

    Outfit Details ~ Combat Boots ~ Fuzzy Sweater ~ Animal Print Top ~ Black Jeans (Similar) ~


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