• Fitted: High Waist Jeans

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited to be bringing you all a brand new series, “Fitted.” I am no stranger to fitted dresses and everyone knows a nice pair of fitted jeans is like a superpower these days. I have been collecting items that fit good and now I get to share them with you all. This series will feature bodycons, some jeans that actually fit my hips and waist, and even an amazing fitted set!

    Next up are TRUE HIGH WAISTED JEANS. I have worn a ton of high waisted jeans in the past but I was either let with some major gapping in the back or I would lose the shape of the jeans after one wear. And in some instances the jeans would slide down my waist throughout the day. Jeans have always been a struggle for me and true high waist jeans were also impossible to find. Until I found these!

    On my quest to find true high waist jeans I decided to ask around. Frankie of Frankie Tavares recommended these jeans and they are amazing. My butt sits up and the jeans stayed up without any gapping. These jeans are everything!!!! I could not wait to style my jeans. I went with a white crop top because I haven’t truly had jeans that stayed on my wait and the crop top was a mild flex. I then added a cute tan sweater because the sleeves are gorgeous. Lastly, I added my vintage bag and brown booties to complete this look.

    Style Notes: My crop top is true to size in an XL. My high waist jeans are also true to size in a 18. My tan sweater is a size 12-14 and the fit is perfect. My brown booties are a size 11.

    Outfit Details ~ Crop Top ~ High Waist Jeans ~ Tan Sweater ~ Brown Booties ~


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