• Shades of Love 2021: Casual Red

    Hey Curvies!!!

    For the month of February I always love to showcase “Shades of Love” through various outfits. Red has become a special color for me within the last few years, because younger me was afraid to wear red. I would love how everyone looked in red but lacked the confidence to feel comfortable in red. I am so excited I got over that fear. This month I will be sharing a little red dress, a casual look with sneakers, and more. Stay tuned!

    It is time for a casual look!!! You all know I love a good dress, specifically a bodycon, but I feel like I have to actually flex my styling muscle when dressing casual. This outfit was so fun to style because it came together so quickly. I started with my sneakers and worked my way up to complete the look.

    Quick story! I purchased a pair of 1s on Stockx then came back and saw these. I loved them but was going to buy them. You all, I woke up in the middle of the night and bought these shoes by mistake! I went to see the price for my size and before I knew it I had purchased them. After the sneakers came the shacket (similar), the colors were beautiful and complimented my sneakers. Then I found a graphic tee and a pair of ruched pants. I was nervous because this outfit seemed like a lot, but I love it.

    Style Notes: My sneakers are a women’s 10 and they are true to size. My shacket (similar) is a size XL and is true to size. My ruched pants are a 2x, these pants are super long. My graphic tee is a large and I love the fit.

    Outfit Details ~ Sneakers ~ Shacket (Similar) ~ Ruched Pants ~ Graphic Tee ~


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