• Pastel Vibes 2021: Blue

    Hey Curvies!!!

    New month means new series! I am so excited for the month of March series “Pastel Vibes 2021” This series is all about showing love to March, the unofficial start of Spring, while being realistic with my fashion choices. I am excited to share a pastel green sweater dress, a light pink long sleeved bodycon, and my a true favorite a light blue exaggerated sweater. You all know by now that my love for blue is constantly being expressed through fashion so it was only right to share this light blue sweater and all of its goodness.

    Blue has easily become one of my favorite color over the last couple of years. I literally went from no blue to a borderline excessive amount of blue. I have blue dresses, blue boots, blue accessories, and now this blue sweater. When I saw this blue sweater I knew I had to have it. I did not hesitate to grab it because although March is the unofficial start of Spring, Memphis just experienced a snow storm two weeks ago.

    This blue sweater is so bomb! If we are being honest my first thought was to layer it with a navy blue bodycon or dark blue skinny jeans. I then thought about how cool it would be to rock off white booties paying homage to the 70’s with these exaggerated sleeves. Boom! I loved everything about that! I went with light blue flared denim that cropped (similar) to play up the flared-ness. I truly love this outfit, what do you think?

    Style Notes: My blue sweater is an XXL and I could have went with my usual XL. This is a lot of sweater. My flared denim (similar) is true to size in an 18. My off white booties are a 10 wide and fit perfectly.

    Outfit Details ~ Blue Sweater ~ Off White Booties ~ Light Blues Cropped Jeans (Similar) ~


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