• Plaid and Sneakers

    I am so excited to be bringing you all a brand new Fashion Friday post! If you are new here this is an ongoing series outside of my themed Wednesday posts. Fashion Friday’s are all about whatever I decide to create. And I am usually super excited about the outfit or sometimes even trying something new. Let’s get into this amazing plaid coat and my navy blue sneakers!

    As a lover of plaid and comfort this outfit merged two of my favorites! I fell in love with plaid coat instantly. I saw the coat and loved how the navy complimented the red and how the yellow made everything work together. I remember seeing the model wearing this coat with a matching scarf and had to have it. The scarf came later, so that required a little website stalking, but here we are.

    Can we talk about patience? I remember googling this shoe in navy and always came back with red, black, or white. Then one day I saw these on Finishline’s website and the navy blue was sold out in my size, BUT I had a “they do exist” moment. The funny thing is they actually DID NOT EXIST! These were released in October, I have been checking for this sneaker since July! These finally restocked in December! Needless to say grabbed them fast!

    Style Notes: My plaid coat is true to size in XXL. My navy blue sneakers are true to in a men’s 8.5. My sweatpants are true to size in a 2x.

    Outfit Details ~ Plaid Coat ~ Navy Blue Sneakers ~ Sweatpants ~


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