• Pastel Vibes 2021: Sage

    Hey Curvies!!!

    New month means new series! I am so excited for the month of March series “Pastel Vibes 2021” This series is all about showing love to March, the unofficial start of Spring, while being realistic with my fashion choices. I am excited to share a pastel green sweater dress, a light pink long sleeved bodycon, and my a true favorite a light blue exaggerated sweater. Let’s get into this sage dress!

    I love a good dress! I love wrap dresses, maxi dresses, and bodycons! There is just something undeniable about a dress that hits your curves just right! There is no secret that when shopping online I always picture myself in the outfit. Somehow I have the ability to see past the model and see myself. It is the most beautiful thing ever and seeing myself in this sage dress felt so right.

    This sage dress is a total knock out! From the beautiful color to the amazing fabric. I could not wait to get my hands on it. This sage dress is the perfect combination for Spring. It is a sweater dress which makes it super practical then the beautiful green gives me major Spring vibes. I loved styling this dress because I remembered my earrings that matched perfectly then I went with my cognac booties because the color was perfect

    Style Notes: My sage dress is an XL and I am happy it fit. My cognac booties are old, but true to size in a 10.

    Outfit Details ~ Sage Dress ~ Earrings ~ Booties ~


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