• Pastel Vibes 2021: Pink

    Hey Curvies!!!

    New month means new series! I am so excited for the month of March series “Pastel Vibes 2021” This series is all about showing love to March, the unofficial start of Spring, while being realistic with my fashion choices. I am excited to share a pastel green sweater dress, a light pink long sleeved bodycon, and my a true favorite a light blue exaggerated sweater. Let’s get into this super cute pink dress.

    Last but certainly not least let’s get in this pink dress! Pink has always been my favorite color. I have never had any insecurity when it came to myself and pink. When you give me a dress that just so happens to be pink, my confidence skyrocketed. I could not wait to share this look with you all! I love everything about this dress especially the thick ribbing that created an effortless texture.

    Styling this pink dress came super easy. With such a light colored dress I knew I needed a printed shoe, I looked in my closet and grabbed the perfect pair!  These printed sandals have an array of beautiful colors and I literally only could pick a couple to accessorize this pink dress. I chose orange statement earrings (similar) and a light blue bag (similar). Mission accomplished!

    Style Notes: My pink dress is an XL and fits wonderfully. I am typically a 1x for reference. My printed sandals are true to size in a 10 I am wearing an XL in my shapewear.

    Outfit Details ~ Pink Dress ~ Printed Sandals ~ Orange Statement Earrings (Similar) ~ Light Blue Handbag (Similar) ~ Shapewear ~


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