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    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited to be bringing you all a brand new Fashion Friday post! If you are new here this is an ongoing series outside of my themed Wednesday posts. Fashion Friday’s are all about whatever I decide to create. And I am usually super excited about the outfit or sometimes even trying something new. Let’s get into this Prep Curry x Banana Republic outfit!

    Being a super girly girl, I oddly find myself  a little too comfortable in the men’s department. Right now I am stalking a men’s trucker jacket, I am a little obsessed!I have always loved men’s graphic tees, I the length of their shorts, their blazers, and their sneakers are the best! Learning about the Prep Curry x Banana Republic collaboration was an amazing way to try out some men’s shorts.

    I could not wait to get my hands on some menswear. The graphic tee was a no brainer, I even knew my size right away. But the shorts (sold out) made me think, a little. With me having hips and a butt I knew that I had to get the perfect size. Luckily, these gave some stretch. This outfit has so much life and vibrancy. I am so happy I grabbed it!

    Styling Notes: I am wearing a size men’s large in this graphic tee. My shorts (sold out) are a men’s XXL.

    Outfit Details ~ Graphic Tee ~ Shorts (Sold Out) ~


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