• Date Night: Concert

    Hey Curvies!!!

    New month means new series!!! I am so excited to be bringing you all the new series “Date Night.” Dating can be super fun or super bad, but the perfect outfit makes things better or at least you look better. There are a few types of dates that warrant for diverse style. Dinner to me is super sexy, but tasteful. An outing like bowling or mini golf cause for something super casual and easy. Movies are the “catch-all” look you can either be kinda sexy, casual or both by mixing it up. Concerts are my favorite because you get to be classy, sexy, and by adding a denim jacket causal. Buckle up and come on a journey as I dress for the different types of dates previously mentioned. Third up is getting dressed for a concert!

    When I think of concerts I am putting all live events in that box so whether it is a live band or play the formula to this look will work. As previously mentioned concerts are my favorite type of date nights because you get to be classy, sexy, and by adding a denim jacket causal. Add comfort in the mix as well, because the most irritating thing to do at a concert is have to tug to pull your dress down or pass out because you wore your brand new spanx.

    I am notorious for wearing flowy dresses to concerts, because I get to ditch the spanx and sit comfortably. I remember years ago I attend a K. Michelle concert with a friend and we were like “let’s get sexy tonight” you all I was miserable. My spanx was brand new and squeezing my brain. The dress was super fitted and I kept trying to conceal the spanx AND I wore stilettos. By the end of the night we walked to the car barefoot and I pulled my spanx off in the car!

    I enjoyed styling this look. It is actually a 2-piece set (top, skirt). The top has a boning in it so I plan to go braless when I wear it to an upcoming concert. The skirt reminded me of a mermaid. I loved it soooo much! This skirt has moment all on its own. I added clear sandals and a clear clutch to complete this look 

    Style Notes: I try my best to navigate PLT sizing, I am wearing a 16/XL in the top and it does not have any real stretch with boning at the waist. My skirt is a 18 because I was worried about sizing. I have gapping in the back so a 16 would have been perfect.

    Outfit Details ~ Set (Top, Skirt) ~ Clear Sandals ~ Clear Clutch ~


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