• Date Night: Bowling

    Hey Curvies!!!!

    New month means new series!!! I am so excited to be bringing you all the new series “Date Night.” Dating can be super fun or super bad, but the perfect outfit makes things better or at least you look better. There are a few types of dates that warrant for diverse style. Dinner to me is super sexy, but tasteful. An outing like bowling or mini golf cause for something super casual and easy. Movies are the “catch-all” look you can either be kinda sexy, casual or both by mixing it up. Concerts are my favorite because you get to be classy, sexy, and by adding a denim jacket causal. Buckle up and come on a journey as I dress for the different types of dates previously mentioned. Last but not least is bowling or anything requires chill attire!

    An outing like bowling or mini golf cause for something super casual and easy. Notice I did not say super basic or talk about throwing anything on, see! Going on different types of dates help me flex my styling muscle. I understand chill, but you will never catch me in something that I rolled out of bed in. I want to add that I am always ready for whatever, a concert or dinner date can turn into a stroll, I keep a pair of black Vans in car to get comfortable.

    I styled this outfit to my liking. With Fall coming to Memphis I went with a sweatshirt is honestly about to my signature color this season. I have been buying a lot sage colored clothing. Back to the sweatshirt it is comfortable and chill. I then added my favorite jeans because what is more casual than jeans?! These are true high waist jeans that are super comfortable. I added some heeled combat boots because they are the coolest.

    Style Notes: I am wearing an 1x in my sweatshirt, this sweatshirt fits like an XL. My jeans are a size 16, I am wearing the curvy fit that is perfect for women with larger hips than waist. My heeled combat boots are true to size in a 10.

    Outfit Details ~ Sweatshirt ~ Jeans ~ Heeled Combat Boots ~


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