• Blue Jean Love

    Hey Curvies!!!

    For years I was a dress girl because jeans were extremely hard for me to find. I remember feeling defeated when I would finally pull some jeans over my hips only for there to be major gapping in the back in and sides. I understood that it was already hard for plus size women to find clothes so I never complained and made it work. I remember finding the perfect belt that camouflaged the gapping and the day I lost it, I cried. Jeans have always been a sore spot for me, so to find a line of jeans that I love is amazing.

    The thing that I love the most as that these are not “plus size” jeans. I am wearing a size 16 whereas I am usually an 18 or 20. The coolest part is that these jeans are designed for women like me, hippy with a smaller waist. I rave about these jeans a lot and it is because I love them. I have 10 pairs of these jeans and now I am buying second pairs just in case they disappear.

    Styling these jeans was a blast. I already had the jeans and knew I wanted to add more color. The wash on these jeans is amazing and even with them being light you do not see any lump or bumps. I went with a baby blue sweater, this is the softest sweater I have ever worn. I wanted to add texture and added my snakeskin booties (similar) with the matching snakeskin crossbody (similar). This outfit flowed so well and I have already worn it to work.

    Style Notes: My jeans are a size 16 and I typically wear an 18 or 20. My sweater is true to size in an XL. My booties (similar) are also true to size in an 11.

    Outfit Details ~ Jeans ~ Sweater ~ Snakeskin Booties (Similar) ~ Snakeskin Crossbody (Similar) ~


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