• Let’s Grab for Everyone’s Holiday Gift from DICK’s Sporting Goods

    Hey Curvies!!!

    [AD] DICK’s Sporting Goods is a one stop shop whether you a homebody or super outdoorsy.

    Let’s grab everyone’s holiday gifts from DICK’s Sporting Goods! I have a family filled with grandparents, millennials, teenagers, and toddlers while I loveeeee shopping it is so hard to grab everyone’s gifts from one place, but DICK’s Sporting Goods has me covered. 

    My parents, the grandparents, are super simple. My mom wants a fitness tracker and an Under Armour active set, while my dad wants new golf clubs. Can we talk about the millennials, my siblings, they are simple yet complex to shop for. My oldest sister wants new cool casual sneakers, my brother wants cool sneakers, and my younger sister wants cool popular sneakers. Sounds easy right? No! They all have different tastes and wants their sneakers to represent their individuality. 

    The teenagers are active in school as a cheerleader, a basketball player, and dancer. I was able to help them hone in on what they actual want. My niece wants comfortable running shoes, my nephew wants new basketball shoes, and my niece the dancer actually wants casual shoes.

    DICK’s Sporting Goods is a one stop for my family you should check them out.


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