• Curvaceously Bee Turns 9

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so happy about Curvaceously Bee turning 9 this year. I started this blog as a creative outlet. over time CBee became a brand then a business and I am still shocked. I have shared so much over the years from my weight loss surgery journey (here), the birth of my son (here), and my hair journey to locs (here).

    I wanted to share 9 quick things I have learned over the years.

    1. Take breaks as needed. Over the past 9 years I have gotten my master’s degree, elevated in my career, and birthed a child. All of those things required time away.
    2. Be consistent, get your audience accumulated to seeing your content, even if it is once a week.
    3. Your rate is your rate, after getting over the initial shock that a brand wants to work with you, remember they found you.
    4. Create content that you love and stand behind. 
    5. Have a place to house your content, ie a blog outside of social media.
    6. Engage with your peers. Attend events and be social.
    7. Share on your terms, do not feel pressured to share things you are not comfortable with sharing.
    8. Be consistent, because this sets you apart from everyone else.
    9. Enjoy the your journey and do not compare.

    Style Notes: I am wearing a size 1x in this dress and it true to size. However, the quality is not there and this dress is a “one timer,” if that. This dress arrived with a hole in the back and thankfully I was refunded the same day. I did not have an alternate look and got great pictures with video.

    Outfit Details ~ Dress ~ Heels ~


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