• Shades of Love: The Booties

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited to bring you all the first series of the new year “Shades of Love.” This series will feature creative ways to wear and style the shades of love. For me this series will feature reds, pinks, and everything in between. In this series I will style some sexy hot pink platforms, a super colorful two piece set, and a super dope casual look featuring a dope cropped letterman jacket. First up are these extremely vibrant and colorful red booties from ASOS.

    Curvies, I have missed you all so much! I am ecstatic to be back bringing you all looks that I actually wear in the real world. This outfit was actually worn at an art show this past weekend and it was hit. Okay, let’s get into this red booties! These red booties are so bright and my favorite part of this boot is the red block heel. A shoe looks so cohesive when it is all one color. Let’s talk comfort, these booties are extremely comfortable and very sturdy because of the block heel. I cannot wait to wear these with other outfits.

    Styling these red booties were a little different for me, because I started from the top up. I loved this jacket so much and could not wait to wear it. This jacket features turquoise, red, and cream flowers. I knew I would go with a simple fitted black dress to let my jacket take the lead. With so many beautiful colors on my I knew styling would have to be more intentional. I went with red booties to create a pop, then realized I had yellow buttons! The yellow buttons made me pull out my yellow earrings and yellow circle bag to complete the look. 

    Style Notes: This jacket is “one size fits most” it fit me pretty good and I was able to button it all the way up. I will say that I’m not really top heavy and my arms have never been a problem in any other instance. If you order this jacket please pay attention to the delivery timeframe, it took almost a month for me to receive this jacket. My dress is a stretchy size XL, I am typically a 1x in dresses. My red booties are a size 10 wide, this is kind of true to size, because I always order an 11 in boots. 

    Outfit Details ~ Jacket ~ Dress ~ Red Booties ~


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