• Mommy Monday: Visting Slimetastic Kids Play Lab

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited to bring you a new “Mommy Monday” post. I have been super neglectful with this ongoing series, because life has been life-ing. With Mommy Monday I want to share experiences that Peanut and I share or even his style as a four year old. Peanut and I are always on the go because I value taking him places even if it is out to eat. I want him to experience being around other people and Slimetastic Kids Play Lab was a new experience worth documenting.

    Let me start by saying we have never made slime and I had no idea of the ingredients or the process it takes to get this gooey substance. However, this statement on their website stood out to me “Kids can come experience making a gooey mess and leave the cleaning to us!” Y’all I am so happy we did this in their lab because I would not have known how to clean this stuff up. We used items like sprinkles and glitter, now you know glitter never really goes away. I loved that Peanut wore a lab coat and googles, because we did not have to worry about his clothes at all.

    Be sure to take your kids to Slimetastic Kids Play Lab if you are in/visiting the Memphis area.

    Check out the quick video below:


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