• 5 Things to Know Before Attending the Circus

    Hey Curvies!!!

    I am so excited to bring you a new “Mommy Monday” post. Mommy Monday is an ongoing series, where I share Peanut and I’s experiences  or even his style as a four year old. Peanut and I are always on the go because I value taking him places even if it is just out to eat. I want him to experience being around other people and the UniverSoul Circus was everything and worth documenting.

    For reference this was Peanut’s and I second circus experience. The UniverSoul was the most mind-blowing, beautifully executed, entertaining circus I have ever been to, even as a child. I was thoroughly entertained, even during setups. It was so much fun, I caught several instances were my son mouth was open from amazement. If you have never attended the UniverSoul Circus, you should. 

    1. Pick seats strategically. I knew Peanut’s dad was attending, he is tall, so we purchased box seating. I had no idea we were going to be so close. I was shocked.
    2. Loud noises and flashing lights. If you child is sensitive to loud noise I would suggest some safety earmuffs. 
    3. Have cash. This circus has the tap payment machines, but at a previous circus we attended did not.
    4. Expect lines for everything. It seems like everyone has the bright idea to get there early so it was a bit crowded. Concessions were super busy in the beginning, because the circus was in the tent behind it. During a break I was done in less than 5 minutes.
    5. Be on time. I know, I know I mentioned the line BUT the show started on time on the dot. 


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