• How I Balanced Blogging and Life

    This is really not even a guide more like “we’ve all been there” blog post, because you are not alone. I take that back, I have a few tips for you.

    Blogging is not easy, I know if you are not a blogger you’re probably thinking “how hard is it to pose and take pictures,” like really? Well it’s a little more of how the hell do I build meaningful relationships, pass my college courses, hang out with my family, work a full-time job, and smile on pictures even when I’m not feeling it. Oh and if you’re a parent you have to juggle all those things while loving and feeding your kids.

    I am here to assure you that feeling of being overwhelmed is normal. I know we live in a “we can have it all world,” all while living our best life when really I just started living my best life. Want to know how? I lightened my load, I am practicing time management skills, and working for a less stressful company. Graduating with my master’s degree helped my soul and my life has truly been better.Now if you’re new to college and blogging, that means you are not really seeing that beautiful light at the end of the tunnel, no worries I have a few tips for you.

    1. Multitask. If you are a student with a full-time job start dressing in work appropriate but blog chic outfits. Get a co-worker to snap pictures on lunch, then buy them lunch as a thank you. Also, you do know we need more workwear series anyway? Also, if you’re solely a student dress nice going to class and create a student style series because we are all about balance.

    2. Plan ahead. If you know there’s a busy week ahead, meanwhile you’re chilling this week, don’t. Grind this week so you can be fully focused next week. Plan your posts, if you’re a fashion blogger take time to shoot 3 or 4 looks. If you’re lifestyle blogger those posts may not require new pictures, go into your archives and see what would work and write those post ahead of time.

    3. Relax. I know we think that our blogs and/or social media are our life, but honestly it’s not. You’re no good to no one if you’re stressed and barely hanging on. If you’re feeling overwhelmed take a break. You can be courteous and announce to your followers or audience but take breaks. I remember stepping away and taking impromptu breaks from my blog and social media. By that time I was so over it and stressed that was literally all I could do.

    4. Communicate. We are in a world were we are literally closer to people we have never met, yet we feel comfortable with them. Talk to them, get that weight of guilt off your shoulders. I say this because I have created meaningful relationships with bloggers and it is so comforting to share what I’m going through with someone who understands. Family is family, they may not understand the grind.

    5. Did post make you feel better? I really hope it did!


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