• Bee Takes On Pantone: Iced Coffee

    Hey curvies!!!!This is the second installment of the March series “Bee Takes On Pantone.” This series will include some colors from the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring for 2016.I have been wanting a cute brown sling for the longest. Somehow I would talk myself out of it before even buying it. Not this time! I think the tassel on the side had me sold! I decided to build around this amazing sling. This outfit was easy after… View Post

    5 Low Heel Sandals You Need

    Hey curvies!!!!!Over the years I have really become more comfortable wearing low heels. I used to feel like it was a necessity for me to wear high heels and I literally became fine with suffering through a date knowing my feet hurt. I was okay. But after tearing my gastrocnemius muscle (located in the calf) three years ago I found comfort in wearing low heels and really cute sandals. I was in a boot from the end of Winter… View Post

    Bee Takes On Pantone: Rose Quartz

    Hey curvies!!!I remember last year around this time I took on Pantone’s Strawberry Ice, but this year I have decided to work with three different colors from the Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring for 2016. March theme is “Bee Takes On Pantone” stay tuned!If you all haven’t noticed, I am a really big fan of PINK!!! I literally wear it year round and even had a Pink series back in July 2014 here. Rose Quartz is no different.… View Post

    Wine, Lace, & Booties

    Hello everyone!This is the fourth and final look for Kareem of Big Bella Donna and I’s collaboration for the ENTIRE month of February, “Colors of Love.”As previously mentioned I love lace and this deep wine lace dress is no different. Wearing this dress I felt like a sexy adult woman. That feeling was just as amazing as wearing my super cute booties that I got for only $8 from Lane Bryant! They are sold out online so… View Post

    The Return Of The Cheetah

    Hello everyone!This is the third look for Kareem of Big Bella Donna and I’s collaboration for the ENTIRE month of February, “Colors of Love.”I am one of those people who is still in love with peplum anything. Literally! So it was only right that I wear my super cute peplum dress for this post. This dress is super comfy and hug my curves like nothing else. The bright vibrant color was everything in the early morning sunshine!I… View Post